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Summer Fashion: Dresses & Combat Boots

By Kena @campchic


Who doesn't like a great combo, I know I sure do! Grilled cheese & tomato soup, JayZ & Beyonce, chocolate & peanut butter, Burberry & Plaid, salt & pepper, Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton, Big Bird & Sesame Street, Mr. Darcy & BBC,  and the list could go on and on! Summer fashions are taking combos to a more edgier level with rough, worn, combat boots paired with a soft summer dress! This look is so sweet and raw....I love it! My only concern is that some of you will take this look a bit too literal and try pairing your combat boots with a floral skirt and camo G.I . Jane looks necessary. Just keep it simple and sweet! Check out the fun looks below!











Black 2



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