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Summer Checklist for the College Freshman

Posted on the 19 May 2015 by Candornews @CandorNews

Image from www.quickmeme.com

Image from http://www.quickmeme.com

For those taking the next step on their academic career this year and moving to college, I have devised a list of simple tips to ready yourself for this big step. I am moving this autumn, and I have been using all my time in between classes browsing Pinterest to get the best design tips for small rooms. But it’s not all about coffee and ramen:

  • Take a self-defense class – see if a local sports center has any self-defense classes on, or ask at your local police station. It’ll give you just that bit more confidence and you’ll feel safer, wherever you go. Who knows when you’ll need it!
  • Get acquainted – everyone has Facebook nowadays, so check if your college has a Facebook group. You’ll be able to make friends over the summer and find people on the same course. No one likes moving away and knowing you don’t know a soul.
  • Have a test run – you might not have had to budget money in the same way before, so ask your parents if you can set up a test week where you buy your own groceries and cook for yourself. It’ll set you up much better for college life
  • Take photos – you’ll miss your parents and friends, it’s a given. But make some memories. Take those photos. Then you’ll have something to look back at with fondness rather than just missing everyone
  • Get a summer job – I’m not talking work 9-5 at Starbucks or the night shift at Walmart. Simply doing a few jobs in your neighborhood or around the house will put a few coins in your pocket and will get you out of a Netflix fuels summer. You’ll be able to treat yourself more when pennies are tight for others
  • Learn how to do laundry – this isn’t the movies. You can’t show up home with a load of laundry every month or so, and just expect your mom to do it. You might even be going to a college across the country, so make sure you’ve got some spare coins!
  • Don’t waste your summer – if getting a job isn’t your thing, or you want something a little more useful, try an internship. Internships.com has a huge selection. If sitting in an office isn’t your cup of tea, try a virtual internship and learn on the go
  • Learn a new language – I’m not taking about become fluent in Swahili, but learning a language looks great on a job application and you’ll learn about other cultures at the same time. Duolingo is a free app available on Android and Apple devices and has a range of languages available, starting with the very basics and making it fun!

Don’t worry about college. Just focus on the glorious summer ahead of you.

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