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Summer Celebration

By Kate_miller

Summer Celebration

Sensation Lilacs

Tomorrow summer officially begins. Do you suppose my Lilacs have their eyes on the calendar, too?

Summer Celebration

President Grevy Lilacs

 One day before the official start of summer, my Harbingers of Spring are finally blooming. And if that seems super late, dig this: I still have tulips flowering.

Summer Celebration

Long Live the Lupines!

But, so are a number of other little lovelies. Like these too cute for words Lupines, who continue to redefine themselves. This year, showing off some polka dots.
Summer Celebration

Stunning Lilies, transplanted from the indoor garden and, so far, coping well with our chilly nights.

Summer Celebration

Dame's Rocket

Wild Dame's Rocket ~ which has drifted into my neighbor's yard. He crabs at me constantly, hiring people to remove it. I guess these pretty purples are messing with his monochromatic Kentucky Blue Grass world.

Summer Celebration

Alyssum and Allium

Ah, summertime. It's such a relief to see the gardens filling up with color. To know that most of my favorites survived. Winter kill wreaked less havoc than I originally thought: RIP one Pear Tree and ALL of the Knopfia. :((
Progressing past the complaint stage, mostly just curious, I'm kind of enjoying this crushed together season, where Lupines and Tulips are gettin' bizzy at the same darn time.
Mountain Lilac Legacy
When properly selected, Lilacs regularly outlive the gardener who plants them. And, they love, love, love the mountains.

Summer Celebration

Beauty of Moscow Lilac

Popular at 8,000 feet altitude
- Syringa x persica 'Persian' Lilac
Popularat 9,000 feet altitude
- Syringa x prestoniae 'Donald Wyman' Lilac
- Syringa patula 'Miss Kim' Lilac
Popular at 10,000 feet altitude  - Syringa x chinensis 'Chinese' Lilac- Syringa vulgaris 'Common Purple' Lilac

Summer Celebration

Tinkerbelle Lilacs

- Syringa vulgaris alba 'Common White' Lilac
- S x prestoniae 'James MacFarlane' Lilac
- Syringa meyeri 'Korean Dwarf' Lilac
- Syringa x prestoniae 'Royalty' Lilac
Popular at 12,000 feet altitude
- Skiing and snowboarding on the 4th of July

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