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Summer Anime 2014: Terror in Resonance Impressions

Posted on the 25 July 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Summer Anime 2014: Terror in Resonance Impressions

What’s cooler than bein’ cool? Ice cold~

I wasn’t really impressed with the first episode of Terror in Resonance, but I kept watching. Episode two was better, but it still hasn’t hooked me yet — what gives?

Arata “Nine” Kokonoe and Toji “Twelve” Hisami seem like two ordinary high school kids but there’s more than meets the eye. An online video quickly reveals that the duo is somehow involved with a plot to cause explosions in Tokyo. Amidst the balancing act of being normal students and potential terrorists (a delicate act, I’d imagine) they meet Lisa, a bullied high school student who’s looking to get away from her miserable day-to-day life. When Kokonoe and Hisami give Lisa the chance to leave it all behind or die, there really is no turning back.

I feel like the potential “parts” of this show — the music, the animation, the Watanabe/Kanno star duo, the character design, the concept — are super interesting but that the “whole” as it were has yet to blow me away. For one, the characters just didn’t strike me as particularly interesting two episodes in. The only one that even remotely caught my interest was Kokonoe, as he seems really cut and dry (and I like a guy with glasses). He and Hisami look to have some sort of past together, and Kokonoe has an interesting dream in the first episode that gives a hint that there’s more beyond his stoic nature. Otherwise though, the rest of our cast has yet to grab me. Lisa in particular just seems sort of generic thus far, probably because we don’t get much of a peek into her thoughts just yet. That being said I do have to give kudos regarding the subtle reveals regarding her family life: only two chairs at the dining table in the second episode, and excessive texts from her mother in the first. Unfortunately I really just found Hisami annoying…

Terror in Resonance Impressions

For being a serious anime, I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.

I’m convinced there’s something to this show and I really want it not to disappoint me. And really, the show is just gorgeous to look at, and that alone makes me want to keep watching. The action is great — especially noteworthy with the numerous explosions — and the animation is top notch. I also like the potential of this being a cat-and-mouse game between the boys and the police, with the stakes getting ramped up each episode, more clues, and more things getting tied together– sort of Death Note feel there. Still, I really want this show to dive into the characters, eventually. Terror in Resonance is good enough to keep me watching, but I hope that “spark” comes soon.

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Summer Anime 2014: Terror in Resonance Impressions


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Summer Anime 2014: Terror in Resonance Impressions

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