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Sullee J’s : “The P.R.I.C.E. We Pay”

Posted on the 28 September 2011 by Sistabig @therealSharnell

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The P.R.I.C.E. We Pay “Prejudice, Racism, Injustice, Corruption, Execration” By: Sullee J
There trained to kill, demonstrate and enslave by will. Not all are bad, but how long will there authority remain their shield? It’s not just police brutality; it’s a form of crafty mentality. The reality is, that racism was born to initiate fatalities. Grave the one’s who see, but okay the blind cavalries. This is fallacy. The maintenance of repeated hatred, the patience to have patience with mistreated cases. How are we okay with defeating races? Demeaning places with heathens, this is that evil matrix. This is cruelty, they can’t fool me! They act like they run it, but never move there own two feet. I’m talking degradation, the degeneration of this generation through generating innovations, which caused the execration. See, I love my country, but sometimes I hate the way they do things. Yea, they gave us freedom, but freedom isn’t always what you think. Just a couple hundred years ago, they labeled you, separated you, and hated you, if you were colored or polished. There mucus full of arrogance, not ever was there intention behind the word, ‘never ignorant getting goals accomplished.’ It’s a game, a system, and the schemes of mainstream religion. God is real, what they made you believe was a make belief decision. It is their plan to segregate us, and defy the oneness of who made us. Decline the chances of unity, and apply the hiatus.  How do they promote the actions of what they provoked, and then lie to the people by using Islam as a scapegoat? Islamaphobia? They had to construct a word to hate a religion of peace? They used a terrorist group designed by the system, and generalized there behavior across the Middle East.

This is blasphemy! From the endorsement of

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