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Suggestion for the Evenings in the Open

By Trendoffice @trendoffice

I like objects with multiple function - they are much more worth the money we pay for them. And when they please us with their beautiful design, then the satisfaction is complete. Here is a beautiful way to illuminate your outdoor entertainments - this Solar Table Outdoor Lamp. It was designed for Foscarini by Jean Marie Massaud in 2012. During the day it collects the sun’s solar power to store for later in the evening when you can enjoy a drink in the open air without the need of other illumination!

Suggestion for the evenings in the open Suggestion for the evenings in the open As you can see above, its hemispherical body, made of polyethylene, is stable even when tilted by 15°. But this feature is used also to determine the quantity of light it difuses - a means to create different mood and interesting atmosphere.
The Solar Table Outdoor Lamp can be used indoors, too. Then it can be made with glossy white or dark wood finish, while for outdoor use it is produced with a characteristic rusty and textured effect finish.
With the spring already here, this is a great suggestion for the increasing possibility to spend more time outdoors. What do you think? Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest

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