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Subtle Evolutions

By Liminalspace @Liminal__Space

The writing prompt, “I used to, Now I”, was originally posed by Danielle LaPorte in one of her recent posts.  I found it to be a great tool in allowing me to see my personal progress and a tangible reminder to support me going forward. Below are a few subtle, yet profound, personal evolutions that I discovered from using it. I would love to hear some of yours, so please feel free to share them in the comments section below. We can all learn from them.

I used to cling to love,
Now I know it’s not trying to escape me.

I used to blame others,
Now I accept that which is in me.

I used to battle my rage,
Now I listen to what it’s asking.

I used to fear that no one would hear me,
Now I listen with more presence.

I used to say, “I can’t”,
Now I know I didn’t want to.

I used to mistake drama for love,
Now I know Namaste.*

I used to feel disconnected,
Now I leave my door open.

I used to have many vehicles of escape,
Now I sit and wait it out.

I used to think I was broken,
Now I know it was all part of my Becoming.

*The Indian blessing of Namaste states that when you are in a place of openness and at the same time I am in a place of openness, we are one.

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