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Submitted URL Marked “noindex” – Fixing Google Search Console Errors

Posted on the 01 August 2019 by Matt Jackson @MattJacksonUk1

Here is how your fix the "Submitted URL marked 'noindex'" error in the Google Search Console.

When Google says "Submitted" this will usually refer to your Sitemap.

The sitemap is entered into the Google search console page called "Sitemaps" here:

Submitted URL marked “noindex” – Fixing Google Search Console Errors

The error is telling you that you have one or more pages in your sitemap that are set to noindex.

This basically creates a conflicting statement to Google, because you are saying:

  1. Here is my Sitemap, Google please index all of these pages.
  2. This page is set to noindex, Google please don't index this page.

Google wants you to be consistent to prevent wasted crawling and prevent indexing conflicts.

So to fix this error, remove all pages set to noindex from your sitemap file.

Yoast will usually automatically do this for WordPress.

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