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#Submerge by @iamkyrobinson

By Pamelascott
From the author of The Chaos of Longing comes a powerful second collection in which Robinson uses the metaphor of water to tell a story about achieving wholeness through letting go. #Submerge by @iamkyrobinson

Organized in three sections, Submerge explores immersion in and release from trauma, mental illness, and loss. Part one, "Immerse," reflects on birth and beginnings while exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and cultural history. Part two, "Drown," examines mental illness, trauma, and loss. Part three, "Emerge," takes lessons from water and begins a journey toward healing through self-care and gratitude. Throughout the collection, Robinson's disarming candour, vivid imagery, and supportive message inspire and empower.


[bondage and jubilee / hymns and broken hallelujahs / created the sea of me SEA OF ME]


(Andrews McMeel Publishing, 8 October 2019, 160 pages, ebook, ARC from @AndrewsMcMeel via # NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed)



I'd never heard of the poet before and now I've discovered an exciting new poet to obsess over and consume. Yeah! I completely related to all of the poems in this fantastic collection. At times it felt like the poet could read my mind and had used my inner thoughts and feelings as inspiration. The poems in Submerge made some of my best and saddest memories resurface; old lovers, times when my feelings overwhelmed me and I couldn't breathe and the joy and pain of love, often at the same time. There were a few poems that didn't speak to me but these were few and far between. On the whole, every poem resonated.

#Submerge @iamkyrobinson

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