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Subdued Figures Special: Summer WonFest 2013 Wrap-Up

Posted on the 01 August 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Summer WonFest 2013 Official Image
Last weekend, the second of the bi-annual figure expo known as Wonder Festival (or WonFest for short) took place in Japan. Just like earlier this year, I’m sharing some of the highlights and my favorite announcements.


Summer WonFest 2013
Attack On Titan‘s Mikasa and Eren
While not a huge surprise, Attack on Titan got a lot of attention at this WonFest, which is why I’ve dubbed it “Attack on Wallet.” Mikasa and Eren lead the charge with colored prototypes. Mikasa is set for a January release, and I imagine that Eren won’t be far behind.
Summer WonFest 2013
Colossal Titan
Everyone’s favorite skinless Titan and PR mascot is also getting a Figma release. Levi was also announced as next in line.
Summer WonFest 2013
Fate/stay night‘s Archer
Moving away from Attack on Titan for the time being, I know that a lot of people have wondered about this figure. The prototype showed up again this weekend, and with the sudden upswing in Fate universe figures, we’ll probably see a release date sometime next year.
Summer WonFest 2013
Meanwhile, Girls und Panzer got not just one Figma, but five (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), rounding out the set and completely colored. A release date will probably be coming soon.


Summer WonFest 2013
Nendoroid Colossal Titan
The second wave of Attack on Wallet starts again with Colossal Titan. Earlier this year, GSC halfway jokingly made a mock-up of one using their 3-D printer, but the response was so big that now it’s a reality. He comes with a diorama of the Shiganshina District, tiny villagers and soldiers, and three smaller Titans. They’ve revealed two–the Titan from the first episode and moe-moe Titan–with the third one a secret. Personally, I’d like to see abnormal running Titan, but I’ll eat my hat if GSC doesn’t go for the more obvious route. (If you’ve watched/read to a certain point, you know what I mean.)

There’s an extended preview here, and he’s already up for pre-order with a release date set for December.

Summer WonFest 2013
Nendoroid Mikasa
But wait, there’s more! (There’s always more.) GSC also premiered the uncolored prototype for Nendoroid Mikasa. Eren was also announced.
Summer WonFest 2013
Dangan Ronpa‘s Naegi
Starting with the other Nendoroid announcements, the Dangan Ronpa line of Nendoroids continues to grow after series’ mascots Monobear and Monomi with the first game’s protagonist, Naegi. Although I’m not pleased with how the anime is turning out, I’m still a fan of the series and am excited for this figure. He’ll likely be a Christmas present to myself, since his release date is currently set for December.
Summer WonFest 2013
Fantasista Doll‘s Ono Uzume
In the category of “things I was not even remotely expecting,” the protagonist of Fantasista Doll is apparently getting a Nendoroid. I guess the show is doing well or they’re expecting it to do well?
Summer WonFest 2013
Watamote‘s Tomoko Kuroki
Getting back to series that don’t solely exist to advertise something, everybody’s favorite social outcast Tomoko is getting the full Nendo treatment. The Petit Nendo version announced earlier is pictured next to her. I’m pretty excited for this one too.
Summer WonFest 2013
Saber Alter Full Action Version
The Fate universe also had a lot of Nendoroid announcements, including a display of this Saber Alter prototype. Since she falls under the “Full Action” line, she will have more points of articulation than the normal Nendoroid. Also, GSC didn’t point this out, but you can pretty much consider this a full remake of the earlier Nendo of this character. …Nendoroids sure have gotten better over the years, haven’t they?

Also announced were Saber Bride and Gilgamesh.


Summer WonFest 2013
Attack on Titan‘s Levi 1/8 Scale by Sentinel
Attack on Wallet’s final blow comes with this gorgeous scale prototype of Levi. Seriously, click on the link and look at the detail pictures, they are amazing. That said, everything I’ve seen by Sentinel seems to be hit or miss, so I’m saving the majority of my excitement for when I see the final version.

Meanwhile, GSC is continuing their Mikasa appreciation parade by announcing a 1/8 Scale version as well.

Summer WonFest 2013
Dangan Ronpa‘s Kirigiri 1/8 Scale by Phat
It’s my favorite character with a great sculpt! There’s even a Monobear! …I have a bad feeling this is going to be way out of my price range, though.
Summer WonFest 2013
Komeda Nagito Scale by Algernon Product
Speaking of out of my price range, I must’ve not been paying attention since I was not aware that the company that makes those cat donut things were also making expensive Dangan Ronpa scale figures (spoilers in that link if you think too hard about it). The next one up is fan-favorite Komeda from the second game.
Summer WonFest 2013
Hatsune Miku TYPE 2020 by Max Factory
This figure’s uncolored prototype was shown off at the previous WonFest, but I think she has much more of a presence in color! I’ve seen some complaints about her face, but when there are over 9000 Miku figures out there, I think it’s nice to see something a little bit different.
Summer WonFest 2013
Magi‘s Morgiana 1/8 Scale by G.E.M
This is obviously a rough sculpt right now, but I’m happy to finally see a figure of Morgiana in this outfit, especially since Bandai has said nothing about their line since announcing them. I’ll be watching this one.
Summer WonFest 2013
Free!‘s Haruka Scale by Alter.
And finally, this was the only figure announcement I could find for Free!. Clearly fujoshi are taking over the market. Anyway, since this is coming from Alter, the estimated release date is sometime before the heat death of the universe, but they’re not making any promises.


Finally, I’d like to wrap things up with a few updates about figures I covered in my last WonFest Post!

Summer WonFest 2013
Colored Madoka 1/8 Scale Yukata Ver. from Freeing
This figure has been painted, and she came out very nicely! I know that a lot of people were disappointed with how GSC’s scale Maiko Madoka came out, so here’s an alternative.
Summer WonFest 2013
Prototype Homura 1/8 Scale Yukata Ver.
Freeing is also making good on their promise to make the whole set, starting with Homura. She also has a release date listed for next year.
Summer WonFest 2013
Prototype “Marth” Figma
And finally, this was probably the figure I wanted to see most of all! I was really hoping that it would be colored and get a solid release date, but I guess I have to wait a little longer. The sculpt looks fantastic though. Again, I feel obligated to remind everyone that this is not the Marth from Brawl. This is a completely different character that comes from Awakening.
GSC's Figure Display at Summer WonFest 2013
And that’s it for Summer WonFest 2013! A literal ton of figures were announced this past weekend, and my coverage only scratches the surface, so if you’re looking for more pictures, look under the hashtag #WF2013S on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, as well as coverage on Culture Japan (here and here so far) and GSC and Max Factory’s event website. Some series that I did not cover in this post got a lot of figure announcements (like Sword Art Online and Idolm@ster) so if you didn’t see something you like in this post, feel free to look at the other coverage to see if something catches your fancy! Have fun, and remember not to go broke on preorders!

All images are from MFC and/or the watermarked websites.

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