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Stylish Ways to Make Your Garden More Eco Friendly

By Southshoredecoratingblog

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There are loads of ways you make your home and general lifestyle eco-friendlier, but what about making our gardens that little bit ‘greener’?It seems like a bit of an odd concept as our gardens are pretty green anyway, but there are actually lots of things you can do to optimise this and help protect our wonderful planet even further. Going green doesn’t have to mean compromising on style and design either. To prove it, we’ve come up with a list of stylish ways you can give your garden an eco boost.Stylish ways to make your Garden more Eco Friendly

Decking solutions as a concrete alternativeIf you want a seating area in your garden, especially enjoyable in the summer, instead of opting for the traditional concrete paving options, consider a much more eco friendly alternative – wooden decking. As well as being an eco-friendlier option, they’re also good for the pocket as they’re cheaper than stone and you can paint them a number of times should your garden or tastes change. There are loads of different decking optionsto choose from, too.

Stylish ways to make your Garden more Eco Friendly

Stylish ways to make your Garden more Eco Friendly

Stylish ways to make your Garden more Eco Friendly
Solar lighting ideasLighting is an important part of design as it helps set the tone and create your desired atmosphere. However, lighting uses a lot of electricity and therefore isn’t exactly very eco friendly, nor does it help your electricity bills each month. That’s why alternatives like solar garden lights are a great idea as they preserve energy from the sun in the day to illuminate your garden all night. They’re also more easily available nowadays too; you can even get them online from sites like Lights 4 Fun. They come in a range of stylish designs to choose from so that they can be a great addition to your decor as well as just being functional, too.Upcycled pots and other decor itemsWhen it comes to choosing things to put into your garden to make it yours and showcase your personality, why not look to upcycle things you already own to help save the planet as well as your bank balance? More and more people are getting into the trend of ‘upcycling’ as it has a really rustic and vintage appeal which is bang on trend right now. We love the idea of using old mason jars with colourful plants in, and rusty lanterns with tea lights inside and the beauty of both of these ideas is that they are ridiculously cheap!Eco-friendly garden furnitureSeating is a great addition to any garden space, no matter how big or small, and you go green with this aspect too. Instead of metal materials, opting for rattan or wicker garden furniture can be a lot more eco friendly and will no doubt be much cheaper too. When we think wicker, we usually think of old, faded ‘70s conservatory furniture, but that’s just not the case anymore. There are loads of great wicker garden furnitureranges out there that will soon have you opting for it over metal any day

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