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Stylish Summer Reads (not That Kind You Want to Avoid)

By Ninamorena @NinaMorenaXO
To start everything off, you absolutely must read Tavi's post about beauty and it's privileges. It's been up for a few days and I only just got around to reading it. It may be slightly lengthy, but in a good way. So just stop whatever you're doing and sit down for a few minutes because it's definitely worth the time.
I finished reading the summer issue of FASHION today so within the next few days I'll probably put up the review.
Wherever I am during the nice long summer days, I make sure I can stay occupied because of the lovely lack of studies bothering me.
Stylish summer reads (not that kind you want to avoid)I cannot leave the house without this bag; a piece of me will be stuck at home. I don't mean to sound as if I'm in love with the actual purse, but the idea of it. I can't just go somewhere all the while having nothing with me! Of course it depends on the destination, but if boredom is guaranteed, better with than without. A typical day insures:- A fashion magazine- A beat-up paperback (currently Jackie Collins' Drop Dead Beautiful)- Some form of lip care (preferably Nivea or Softlips)

On that note, summer is meant to be casual. Makeup is not a faux pas but toning it down won't hurt anyone. (It still isn't a huge deal for me so ignore that bit if you must.)

The shoe of the day is the leather "Rhino" mule with gathered knob design by Karin Janssen in 2005. I wouldn't be able to visualize it either, so click
here to see an image.

By the way,
I joined Fashiolista!



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