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Style: Why Bother?

By Winyeemichelle
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The other afternoon, at coffee with one of my oldest friends, we mused over the longevity of phrases like YOLO, discussed the ironic importance of making effort as much you’d like it reciprocated, and also on appearances.
Having spent almost 5 years documenting my personal style and obsessively photographing ensembles, it’s kinda hard to step outside of the blog bubble and see myself. And I don’t like it at all. So I wear pulled together outfits (ohoho, or so I like to think!), splash in some of the season’s trends, wear a slick of lipstick and other meticulously and not-so-meticulously considered looks. But that doesn’t mean I’m better than anybody else. My friend noted that he thinks it’s cool but also digressed the thought that at times it can be intimidating and even a little obnoxious.
So why bother? With personal style and that, I mean.
I took it upon myself to pull on my most socially unacceptable loungewear get-up, open up a new document on my MacBook and have my friend on hand for backup.
My [personal] style has, honestly, become my comfort blanket. For 95% of the world, what you’re wearing and sadly how you look is how you’re perceived and how you’ll be imprinted in anybody’s mind. For example, my best friend fondly remembers me with ungroomed eyebrows and a green plaid Topshop wool coat, aged 11, young and impressionable.
For 95% of the world, that fleeting 2-second glance could inspire them to buy a pretty little something to perk up their day, to laugh at a slogan tee, to make them wonder what on Earth Pledis Ent. are thinking, or even just to simply smile.
On a more me level though — I bother with my style because a good outfit (in my eyes) sets the scene for a good day (again, in my eyes). My boyfriend jeans are so comfy that Mondays are nearly acceptable, my Dahlia co-ords make me feel polished and some form of stylish and a striped T-shirt… Well, a striped tee means the world is my oyster. In the same way that jeans and a T-shirt is a ‘non-obnoxious way to dress’, my personal style sets the scene for a little more confidence than usual.
What’s your personal style like? And how does that make you feel? (Sorry for nearly going all psychotherapist at you…!)

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