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Style Tip of the Week Video

By Teju Adisa-Farrar @MissTeju_Global
Sharing with Friends is Fun! When I was living in Ireland for a year I was only able to bring two suitcases with me so naturally I didn’t feel like I had enough clothes and really had to get creative to make outfits. What really helped me survive is sharing what I had with my roommates and them sharing their closets with me. None of us were the same size, but somehow we all wore each other’s clothes from skirts to dresses to shirts. Try swapping some clothes with your friends for a week, even if you don’t think you wear the same size. Sometimes the way something looks on them will look different on you, but still looks good. When my sister and I ‘play dress-up' we try on each other’s clothes and see how different they look on each other, and more often then not they still look good. 

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