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Stupidest Damned Editorial I've Seen in One Helluva Long Time

Posted on the 21 November 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni


I'm not seeing a byline on this editorial and that's a good thing because clearly the responsible party is a complete idiot who should continue to keep that identity anonymous for obvious reasons:

After Kennedy’s assassination, Dallas staggered as media accounts labeled it the “city of hate.” That was hurtful; an act by a deranged individual shouldn’t define a city.

But The Dallas Morning News acknowledged in an editorial this month that the city had an anger issue: “Indeed, this city had a broad streak of in-your-face right-wing politics born of Cold War anxieties and sectional resentments. The darker angels of our nature had stature and voice, so much so that Kennedy said his Texas trip was a foray into “nut country.”

We live again — or perhaps still — in angry times. And today, as in 1963, much of the anger is directed at a leader who is seen by many as “different,” a disruption of the image that some people hold of the nation and the person who represents it as president.

In 1963, Dallas was a hotbed for conspiracy theories, contempt for the federal government and insinuations about the president’s loyalties and motives. Half a century later, all of that mistrust and anger has metastasized through the Internet, cable news and other media.

Fifty years ago, Americans were shocked to learn that a group of influential Dallas businessmen had circulated “Wanted for Treason” pamphlets before Kennedy’s arrival. Today, material like that directed at President Barack Obama is abundant.

We should treat our leaders with more civility and respect. Americans realized that even as Kennedy’s limousine was speeding to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Horror was followed by collective guilt and grief over what might have been.

America has never fully recovered from the shock of what happened 50 years ago in Dallas. We do not, ever, want to go through that again.

Nevermind that Oswald was a dyed in the wool leftist, a self described Marxist.  The ignorance on display here though isn't the real problem.  The real problem are the idiots who will be nodding their heads in agreement, the idiots who will read this drivel and decide that Obama's life is threatened by the mere presence of people who oppose him.   My hope is that the person who wrote this piece of trash is in his 20's and just naive about his/her history.   I'm also hoping someone will pull this person aside and show him or her the error of their way.   Soon.

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