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Stupid Lies & Myths About Guns

Posted on the 25 September 2013 by Jobsanger
Stupid Lies & Myths About Guns I am not against gun ownership by law-abiding Americans, and I believe the Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees that right to most Americans (with the exception of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill). But I also believe there are some silly myths be perpetuated -- myths like the government wants to confiscate all guns (it doesn't, and there is no evidence that it ever has), that the background check law would have amounted to a registration of all gun owners (it wouldn't have, since those checks were not kept for any extended period), or that guns are necessary to keep our government from tyranny (even though those guns would be useless against the military might of our government).
We can defend the Constitution and the Second Amendment without telling stupid lies and myths. And one more of these myths is that guns are necessary for self-defense. The truth is that it is extremely unlikely that having a gun in the home will protect those living in that home. It is far more likely that gun will be used against the people in that home -- through suicides, domestic violence & murder, or accidents. It is just a fact that a gun is far more dangerous to the inhabitants of the home it is in, than it is to any criminal.

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