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Studying Japanese Language Through Youtube

By Tlb

Yes, we have been convincing learners to choose to Study Japanese in Japan and avail the benefit that our language school is offering you.


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But for the record, we have been revolving in the world of the Web. We rely so much in the Internet already, as what my brother call this era the Internet Age (in comparison to the Ice Age of before). Our phones are internet or Wifi-ed ready, we open our laptops and open our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we communicate with people through chatboxes and Skype nowadays, and we play our music in Youtube already.


So since we now live our lives to the kind of modernization level that we’re in today, let’s just live with it. And one of the things that young learners will really be enjoying the most in their Japanese language learning is to rely on Youtube.


Yes, before this article—or any article is being posted about people relying on Youtube to study Japanese, learners have been doing this already. And do you want to know some of the channels you might get some free extra lessons? Here are some short lists:


  1. Japanesepod101
  2. Thatjapanesegirl
  3. Gimmeaflakeman
  4. Hikosaemon
  5. GenkiJapanNet
  6. Thejapanshop
  7. Aploosh
  8. Sodapencil
  9. Yesjapan
  10. LetsLearnJapanese


Relying on Youtube alone is really not our absolute recommendation to you. Of course, it really is a lot different when you finally have a formal training in our language school. We recommend Youtube as students’ additional method to improve their learned Japanese skills, but we greatly discourage to rely on it alone. There really is an edge when you get to Japan to master your Japanese skills. The school will not be your only teacher, but your immersion as well.


So if you want some more further details about what our language school in Japan has to offer you, always take the privilege to click on the hyperlinked text and get inspired to really learn Japanese in Japan.


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