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Studio Lash Stash Review

By Sammycx @sammycx
Welcome to another beauty review! Thanks so much for reading! Exuse my nails in this post, I haven't had a chance to paint my nails. A little tip, always use base coat on your nails, if you don't, your nails will become stained! 

I hope you enjoy :)

How to apply false lashes how to apply false eyelashes
false eyelashes
False eyelashes
I absolutely love false eyelashes, they really finish off a makeup look, whether you like natural or intense lashes, there’s so many styles on the market.

I received this very awesome eyelash set for Christmas from my very lovely sister (she sure knows me well!) The Studio London Lash Stash set includes 4 different sets of eyelashes and the adhesive glue. The eyelashes included are: Natural, Winged, Super Intense, and intense.

how to apply false eyelashes

How to apply false eyelashes:
Applying false eyelashes doesn’t have to be difficult. I find that every person has their own way of applying lashes so I will share with you how I apply mine.
  • You can either use your fingers or a pair of tweezers.
  • Carefully take the strip out of the packaging. If the strip is longer than your eye, carefully cut them to size.
  • Apply the adhesive glue to the strip, be careful not to get any of the glue on the eyelashes.
  • Wait a few seconds for the glue to turn tacky, it’ll help the eyelashes to stick better.
  • Pick up the lashes with the tweezers and bring them as close to your natural lash line as possible.
  • Press each end until the glue has set, allow 20-30 Seconds.
  • Cover any white glue patches with mascara & re apply eyeliner to cover any gaps.

I hope this is helpful, I’ll try to do a video so it’s easier to understand. Ok onto my review! Natural:
I love that they are subtle and look natural. I’m lucky enough to have very long eyelashes but for girls that don’t have such long eyelashes would really love these, they don’t look over the top and could easily wear these for work or with a natural day look. 
Natural false eyelashes
Natural false eyelashes

The intense lashes are my favourite, they look so pretty and really open up the eyes. They don’t look too intense and you could wear them out with a natural make up look, but they don’t look too natural. 
intense eyelashes
intense eyelashes

Super Intense: These eyelashes are great for a night out, they make your eyes stand out and really add a touch of glamour.
Super intense eyelashes
Super intense eyelashes

Winged: These super dramatic winged eyelashes would look great for a night out if you wanted something really amazing and dramatic, they look super amazing. You could wear these winged eyelashes with a glamorous smokey eye look or a glitter eyeshadow.
winged false eyelashes
winged false eyelashes

Thanks for reading! 

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