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Stuck Serving Again….

By Blairbarnes

I’m stuck serving, again.

I promised myself I was done serving, but somewhere in the back of my
head was a voice that sneered, “You’ll be back. You always come
back.” Serving to me is like the crazy ex girlfriend that always
shows up at the worst time, forcing you back into a relationship. You
see, I’m a few months away from being a fully licensed electrician.
I know what you’re thinking, ‘that’s good money right?’ It’s
the same damn question that everybody asks when I tell them what I do.
Yes its good money, I was earning $2,000 a week when I was working in
Saskatchewan this year, but here I am… Serving.
The messed up part is that I love it. I love the atmosphere, I love
the stress, I love the chaos. It’s a sad addiction. There is
something alluring and romantic about the restaurant life that always
seems to pull me back in. It’s okay though because I hate being an
electrician, but try telling my family that. Nobody understands why I
like serving better than electrical when I’m lucky to make a quarter
of the amount of money, but it’s not about that. You see, when I am
serving, I am in control. I determine how much money I make, I
determine what I say and do, and I determine how good of a night my
guests have. Electrical just isn’t the same.
I like feeling like the work I do truly makes a difference, and that I
can have a positive impact on different people every night just from
giving them a great experience. I love working my ass off and then
laughing about it over a few pints with the other servers. I love
learning from them and hearing about all of the different little tips
and tricks that every server uses, and sharing hilarious stories of
the terrible customers we had to deal with. There is an element to it
that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I love that. I guess
that’s why I am, and forever will be;
Stuck Serving.

-The Million Dollar Server


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