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Stuck in Crisis Mode? Try These Five Remedies

By Lyndsay @lyndsinreallife
Stuck in Crisis Mode? Try These Five Remedies

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We have all experienced crisis-mode at one time or another. It’s that state of mind you find yourself in where your wings have been clipped, and you’re free falling. There is no way out and no solution, except there is. Actually, many solutions are easy, free, and natural. All you have to do is pick up a pen, or put on some training shoes, change your diet, or try some supplements. Before long, you’ll be back in your comfort zone. 


Some people have a hard time getting started with journaling, especially if they’ve tried it before without results. But journaling can be an excellent way out of crisis mode, and a way to self reflect. It’s similar to looking in the mirror, but your personality and emotional well-being are what you see. Lists can sometimes be more effective than pages of writing; at least once a day, jot down some list of thoughts and feelings – you will soon notice the patterns. 


This ancient practice is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the internet and an explosion of lifestyle gurus. Mindfulness means bringing awareness to the present moment, while meditation is more formal, you sit in a comfortable position – uncomfortable if you’re very advanced – and concentrate on the breath in and out. Soon your mind calms down, your body relaxes, and the solutions to your crisis reveal themselves. 

Lifestyle Changes 

Often we can slip into crisis mode without realizing it. This can be caused by an overactive and out of balance lifestyle with too much stress and not enough wellness. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep; a regular eight-hour sleep is vital for your dopamine levels – this keeps your mind healthy. Also, consider supplements, such as iron tablets, in case of deficiencies. It’s important to maintain a balanced lifestyle if you want to avoid undue life stress. 

Healthy Eating 

As the old saying goes, ‘you are what you eat!’ If you indulge yourself often with fast food and treats, you will notice the health effects. It will affect your skin, weight, and overall mood. Conversely, if you maintain a healthy Rainbow Diet with lots of raw vegetables, you will be getting the best of the nutrients from your food. This translates into more energy and a better overall condition. Don’t worry; you don’t have to switch one for the other all at once. If your diet is poor at the moment, try changing one aspect of it to start with. Have a healthy breakfast, for instance. Soon your body will recognize the healthy food more and the only food less.


Crisis mode can be a scary and confusing place. Sometimes it feels as if there is nowhere to turn and no one to hear you or understand you. At times like this, exercise is your best friend. The physical activity and exertion will prevent you from overthinking, and your brain will release endorphins to make you feel more relaxed. It offers a powerful and natural remedy for any troubling mood, stress, or crisis situation. 

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Stuck in Crisis Mode? Try These Five Remedies

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