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Stuart Hazell, UK Murderer and Rapist Changes Plea to Guilty

By Umkhaloodie

I followed this case last year on Sky News. From the beginning I thought that the grandmother’s boyfriend looked ‘sketchy’. He seemed like he was lying during an interview with ITV News. It was all very ‘up in the air’ and police nor the girls family had answers as to where she was or who had taken her. A week after she was first reported missing, her body was found in the roof/attic of her grandmother’s home.
The grandmother’s boyfriend (who had also dated the child’s mother) was arrested shortly after.

Up until this week, during his court case, he has pleaded not guilty. Yesterday he changed his plea to Guilty.

Stuart Hazell was found to have searched some horrific things on google searching for underage girls naked.

This really makes me sick.

What role does the Internet play in cases like this? The Internet is a safe haven for men like this who like to pry on young girls.

Shame on the girl’s grandmother for leaving her alone with a man who isn’t even a relative or her own blood. A man that had already dated the girl’s mother. A man that already had a criminal conviction.

Some people really don’t deserve to have children.

He is exactly why the death sentence should be brought into the UK. Let him hang!

You can read more on the case here Stuart Hazell changes plea

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