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Striving of the Heart

By Luphil

I just refound a picture taken on 5 Dec. 2017 from a page of “Letters of Helena Roerich” Vol. II, 17 May 1937, where a rainbow formed from a prism in the window while reading the text:

Striving of the Heart

“Indeed, all can be achieved through the striving of the heart, but do not forget the most essential quality – patience. ‘The great man is he who is strongest in the exercise of patience.’

If you realize that each obstacle is a benefit for the growth of the spirit, you are already on the Path. It is said in the Teaching: ‘Let us refer, with regret, to the generally accepted idea of comfort and security. In it is contained torpor and vacuity. We learn to welcome all inception of thought, and We always esteem the pressure of a forward striving. A multitude of examples may be cited from physics and mechanics showing pressure as a motive force. For many, it is not easy to agree that pressure is but the gateway to progress. But if humanity will recognize this truth, in so doing it will also understand the meaning of progress. From the point of such cognition it is not far to Brotherhood.’

I appreciate that you understand how overloaded I am by work. Indeed, if I do not answer, it is only because of the complete inability to do so, otherwise I am always glad to answer questions. I do not like meaningless letters. When there are questions, it means one is thinking, which is especially valuable, for the development of mind and incisive thinking brings us closer to the Higher Consciousness, and great Collaboration becomes possible.”

© 1967 by Agni Yoga Society. Published 1967.

The text was published 30 years after Helena’s writing the letter; my reading it happened to be 50 years after the print, 80 years after the writing. Time guards jewels.

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