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Stripes, Light

By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy


So I’m not a big blouse person, never have been. But as is the case with (I wanted to say everything but then thought of Crocs) many things that I don’t really wear – I make exceptions. The thing about blouses is that fabrics are everything to me and there are just not that many blouse-fabrics that I like, and if I have to choose between a blouse or the warm, soft feeling of a good knit on my skin.. Yeah, you guessed it. Another thing is that I’ve never really had an office job so I’ve never had to think of office appropriate clothing, nor have I worn it and I think blouses are an important item for many women working at the office (but do correct me if I’m wrong). So no, my looks are not aften that office appropriate, which is perfectly fine by me. Because even in a look like this, and while finding a really soft and good striped blouse that reminds me of the Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger blouses a lot of moms used to wear when I was still in school – I manage (deliberately) to  make this look not so very office suitable by unbuttoning one (ok, 2) buttons too many. But blouses are just such a good way to add a contrast to your look by wearing something ‘neat’ made super sexy by unbuttoning it. Ware a pretty lace bra underneath, always.
What do you usually wear to the office?

Shirt: Noisy May via / Jeans: Acne Studios / Trainers: Acne Studios

Stripes, Light
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