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Striped Shirts: A Street Style Never Die

By Zhangyaohui

You must often see striped shirts in the summer street. It seems that stripe is immortal elements and it has the magic power to make our summer fresh. In the round an round of fashion circles, stripe has always been one of the classic elements. However, striped clothes can bring different new feelings too. How can you dress them in an appropriate and beautiful way?

striped shirts


Pinstripe is quite exquisite and it is relatively more suitable for tall and slim people. Cause for plump girls, such pinstripe might make plum girls look a little bit bloated.

striped shirts

Wide stripe

Thicker stripes or wide stripes, compared to fine stripes, it can create a more casual collocation and a lazy fashion sense. With the appearing wide range, it will look more loose and comfortable.

striped shirts

Colorful stripe

Well, color stripes might be difficult to wear since colorful is not for every girl. Avoid over dense stripes when you want it to be colorful. Leave more space between stripes.

striped shirts

Stripes of contrast feeling

Stripes here mean those asymmetric stripes or combination of pinstripes and wide stripes. It will create a strong collocation sense, which is the most fashionable stripe design in 2017 summer.

striped shirts


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