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Strings Of Atlas – In A Better World

Posted on the 20 July 2015 by Ripplemusic
Strings Of Atlas – In A Better World
In a better world, more people would know about and appreciate Strings of Atlas. On their latest effort In a Better World, Strings demonstrates a very mainstream appeal consisting of melodic rock with a grungy musk. Strings has been recommended over here in Ripple land before. Racer reviewed the previous EPs in high regard. In fact it may have been The Ripple Effect that first introduced me to the band back before I was part of the team. Either way, Strings has made more than a splash in Ripple waters. Here's what I thought about the latest offering.
Suave vocal tones, irresistible harmony, and commanding groove all aged in a barrel of 90's alternative rock. The bass lines throb with an undying funk while the rhythm carries a nonchalant groove. Each one of the songs has that mojo to get stuck in your head. I found myself humming along to the beat of the opener "Burning Days" chorus line on and off working in the yard earlier today and that spurred me to throw it back on the iPod and crank out some words of encouragement.
Distortion rings in a controlled manner teamed with eclectic drumming and powerful bass throughout. The vocals are standout with a deep tone and catchy ring. The music is heavy, but in no way would I call it metal, doom, stoner or sludge, which seems to be really buzzing in the scene right now. Strings of Atlas maintain an arresting 'rock n roll' catalog keeping it simple with super compelling, groove-laden hooks and powerful resonance sure to make your world a better one while listening.
Imagine Lenny Kravitz morphed through the lens of Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet. As Racer eluded in his early praise, Atlas Cage takes the modern rock of Lenny but adds an X-factor leading the listener on more of a 'Powertrip' than a Hollywood photo shoot. Stream the new EP on Spotify now and go check out their back catalog as well. 3 EPs of solid heavy rock!
-The Huntsman

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