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Strictly Confidential: 1966 Bilderberg Documents Leaked

Posted on the 07 June 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
THE BLUEPRINT FOR TREASON, as Alex Jones puts it.

The private notes and letters of his royal majesty Prince Berhnhardt of the Netherlands during a Bilderberg meeting in March 1966, in Wiesbaden, Germany. The aims of the meeting, apparently:
Corporate World Government is the aim.
Strengthen NATO, via the Soviet Threat.
The Unions work with Rockefeller.
Nationalism is dangerous.
Africa is to be ground into the dirt.
JFK said, "Invade Vietnam? Over my dead body,"
And here's that link to CHARLIE SKELTON of THE GUARDIAN's blog about the Bilderberg Meeting that Trucker Jones goes on about in an ealier video. And this year Skelton's much less of a sneering skeptic than he originally was.

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