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Strep Throat, Nap and a Crib

By Blondie @heyblondieblog

We took OM to a delayed 3 yr checkup on Wednesday. With the flu so rampant this year his dr advised us to hold off to keep him well which we are thankful for since we have stayed away from the dr office with both kiddos all winter!! This was supposed to be a routine well visit and we find out OM has strep throat! No fever or complaining of not feeling well and they said they were surprised with how red and swollen his throat was. He's a trooper for sure!
Hated that he was sick but I got the chance to take a sick day and stay home with my little man. And I loved it!!! We played, snuggled and watched a lot of RescueBots. I even got an uninteruppted 2hr nap (1st uninteruppted nap in years)!
Look at what I put together while he was watching a show and eating a snack! YAY!!!
Strep Throat, Nap and a Crib
Can't wait to meet this new little Kelly! We are under the 3 month mark if baby K comes early! Lots to do...
OM (and SK to prevent her from getting it) are on a 10 day antibiotic. OM was happy to go back to school today and see his friends and teachers. I would have rather stayed at home an extra day but the beginning of the month becons. At least it is Friday!
How are you spending your weekend? I think mine will be resting, birthday party and purging more to make room to be a family of 5!

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