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Strawberry Freezer Jam

By Curdsnwhey
This months lesson for visiting teaching is on Strengthening Families through Temporal Self- Reliance.  I decided to make some strawberry freezer jam for my girls for my handout.  I grew up on this jam.  I loved it then and I love it now.  It is so delicious and easy.  
Strawberry Freezer JamHere's the recipe for it...
Items Needed:
1 2/3 cups strawberries (mashed or blended)
2/3 cup sugar
2 tbsp instant pectin
Strawberry Freezer JamFirst start by throwing some strawberries in the blender until you have 1 2/3 cups.  Mix your sugar and pectin together in a large mixing bowl.  Next mix your blended strawberries in with the sugar and pectin stirring for three minutes.
Strawberry Freezer JamNow ladle jam into clean freezer jars or containers and let stand for 30 minutes.
Strawberry Freezer JamYour done!!!
If you want to give it as a gift you can make it cute by cutting a circle out of scrapbook paper the size of the lid.  I cut mine 2.5 inches on my cricut cutter.  Next take some mod podge and paint it onto the lid.  Place your paper on top of the mod podge (I didn't add any mod podge on top of the paper because I didn't want it to bubble.)  Now tie a ribbon around the ring.
Strawberry Freezer JamIf you want to give it for visiting teaching you can add a cute handout with it.
Strawberry Freezer JamStrawberry Freezer Jam
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