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Posted on the 07 November 2013 by Jezebel282
Here Lies The Democratic Town Committee

Here Lies The Democratic Town Committee

We are now officially a one party town. The Democratic Town Committee was run out of Town on Election Day. With the lone exception of Stephanie Phillips, third district (or is it second dictrict?) councilperson who ran unopposed, not a single Democrat was elected to an office. Even Ms. Phillips might have lost if the RTC could have found a candidate.

It is hard to imagine a clearer message from voters than Tuesday’s results. Stratford voters want none of what the DTC has to offer. It is not as if the Republican Town Committee has a better plan or message either because clearly they have none. Neither the RTC Chairman Lou Decilio nor Mayor Harkins has ever offered any commitment to anything. “Civility” doesn’t count. When you run a civil government you are supposed to be…well…civil.

The problem therefore is not that the RTC has programs and plans that voters prefer. The problem is the Democratic Town Committee itself. The DTC at this point (having already landed at the bottom of the cliff) must start over from scratch. That should begin with new leadership. Sometimes voters have long memories. The DTC simply cannot have the same old Miron cronies running the DTC. It is ridiculous to assume that voters do not understand that the current DTC Chairman was the Town Attorney for Miron and is simply waiting for another chance at the $1.8 million (it was $2.3 million during his tenure) Town Attorney budget.

The Democratic Town Committee lacks any credibility at all. The RTC knows this, businesses know this and, most importantly, voters know this. So our message to the DTC leadership if they haven’t gotten it already is to collect all the losing lawn signs, write your letters of resignations and step away from the political process. Do it now before anyone else gets hurt.

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