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Strategy To Rank Your Articles In Search Engine To Get Free Targeted Traffic

Posted on the 17 October 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Hey guys, Are you worried of not getting your article ranked in Search Engine? Are you worried of not getting Organic Traffic? Fine, because being a blogger or a webmaster, you need to be worried or else you are not supposed to call yourself a Blogger or a webmaster. These are the common worries you will have if you come into blogging and only if you overcome this then you will start to see your penny online.


So let’s get into the topic directly. I’m here to explain to you the method which would help rank your articles in search engine faster and sooner than ever, and also drive free targeted organic traffic. You can also call it a strategy which would be a continuous process for every article you will post in mere future. So here are the strategies for you to follow.

High Quality Contents with Keyword Research:

Every man who goes to school can write article(s). Even a lay man who knows English can write but we (as bloggers) should not be like that. We need to target some keywords which are likely to be the most searched quires by the web surfers and target them to rank. It’s simple to say that, we all know on what to write, but at the same time we also think that the same article will already be online posted by someone. Are you going to post the same crap? If so then who or why should people read yours when there is already a better article than yours online. So try to come up with some unique articles which would really solve your visitor’s problem or guide them in better way.

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So just understand the concept and utilize it in the best way. Everyone ranks their article for some keywords either short or long. So discover it and find which has low competition and target it to rank. You can use any keyword tools available online like Google Keyword Planner or the Long Tail Pro which are the most commonly used keyword search tool. Once you discover your keyword, then start writing by focusing on it.  Just try to cover all the information in one place and make the reader understand it in the easiest way.

Tips : Make use of SEOPressor Plugin in WordPress which is quite useful  to check your keyword density and the score of the article with your targeted keywords.

Do Blog Commenting:

Once the article is posted, your next step should be to build backlinks. Yes, building backlinks are just like making Google to understand your article has got lots of recommendations from other sites which would eventually help you in ranking. Generally, you have seen that recommendation from top people will be considered and given priority than a normal one. The same plays here also, so if you get a recommendation that is backlinks from top and high authority blogs then your article will be given priority to rank in search engine.

Tips : Always try to get backlinks from blogs which are of your niche and also has good Page Rank and Domain Authority. Also diversify your backlinks with both dofollow and nofollow.

Be Part of Blogging Communities:

Yes, hope you should have heard about Blogging Communities where you would get to be connected with co-bloggers in blogosphere.  So make use of it by connecting with bloggers of your niche and get interacted and also share your links to it.  Usually these communities will have good PR and DA and also has the voting options which would give us some good reputation and branding as they are highly visited networks from all over the world. Having more votes will also enhance your ranking in search engine. So never miss any opportunity which you get.

Tips : Get into membership with BlogEngage, Blokube, Dosplash, Bigsuzar which are some of the best world top Blogging Communities.

Get Social Media Signal;

You know, now the latest SEO trend is getting more Social Media shares for the articles which would again help in ranking. Google has initiated that good article will be shared by the visitors in all social networks and so it would sterilize Google to understand this article is worth enough to rank higher in search for the particular keywords. Make sure you use the keyword as the Hashtag while sharing in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. So what we can do is, to get more social media share for the article you posted. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google,  Pinterest , LinkedIn etc  and try to get more likes, tweets and G+ from your blogging friends.

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Tips : Try to get more +1 votes from Google+ as Google gives more priority in ranking for the article which has good number of +1’s. Also use JustRetweet as platform to get more Retweet for your tweets from other people of you niche.

What else you are looking for? Don’t you think this is enough to get you ranked in Search Engine faster and sooner? Yes I hope these methods are more than enough to rank articles in search engine. Here, all the steps will be same for everyone and the result may vary from each, depending on the Keywords you choose. So be wise in choosing a keyword which would be the key factor to rank your articles in search engine.

Over To You:

It looks like i have said so much about so much on this topic, don’t you think? Now let’s make the post even more interesting by discussing our minds


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