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Strange Confessions

By Kristina Suko @eccentricowl

28 So let me tell you a little secret. It’s one of those secrets I keep in my “things moms do to not shower” corner. It’s called “Put a Scarf on It!”

Aka… I have gone like four days without showering, and I had to go out in public, so today scarves are my best friend. Because when there’s a scarf covering up my hair, nobody can see how bad it is. If it’s really bad, I put my hair up before I scarf it. But today it’s just at that line where you sort of need to shower at the roots, but the ends are actually the nice, supple, perfectly wavy hair you get when you’ve slept on and brushed out curls a few times.

So that’s one of the other things you may not have known about me: I only shower every three or four days. I don’t actually like showers that much, or baths. I hate having dry skin, and showers/baths both give me dry skin.

I was thinking about that list of little known facts about me that I made a few weeks ago (or whenever that was), and you know… I never think about the really unknown weird things until I’m actually doing them.

Like how in restrooms I tend to peek at the person’s shoes in the stall next to me to see if I can guess what they’ll look like when they come out. (Yes, weird, I know.) I’ve always noticed feet, though, so um… yes.

I also make up fake interviews with myself while I’m washing dishes, or driving alone, or pretty much anytime I’m by myself and have nothing else to do with my life. Sometimes I do them in random accents. Sometimes I pretend I’m famous for having published my novels, sometimes it’s because I’m famous for my blog, sometimes it’s because I’m an actress (which I’ve never wanted to be, actually.)

And I used to pretend I was the characters I write about, but I don’t do that any more. Mostly because I no longer need to pretend I’m in a romantic relationship. You know. It’d be weird if I did.

I… yeah. Those are the real “things you didn’t know about me” facts.

And on the subject of feet, which I was two paragraphs ago, I have always hated it when people don’t take care of their feet. When they have long toenails, or super dry callouses, or really dirty toes, or jagged nails… grosses me out. So I don’t like to be touched by other peoples’ feet. Haha! Not that that happens a whole lot, but… if my husband hasn’t clipped his toenails properly, I dislike playing footsies with him.

So what other slightly weird and/or embarrassing facts about me can I overshare? We’ve covered not showering, checking out peoples’ feet in public restrooms, self-interviews, foot aversions… um… I have really crooked lower teeth? And not just one or two crooked teeth; I mean super crooked. Apparently my mouth is small (every dentist ever has said that) so I have too many teeth for my jaw.

In fact, I have four wisdom teeth, and I’ve already had two pulled. (So yes, I once had six.)

Oh, and I like my knees. Which is pretty much something I’ve never heard any female say about herself ever. I don’t know what it is with the whole women-hating-their-knees thing, but I like mine. So… yay for body confidence about really random things?


This turned out to be a much weirder post than I had expected. That’s what happens when I write blog posts late at night. Oops.


Thrifted belt, scarf, and skirt | Target sandals | Fred Meyer tee | Heirloom ring

I hope you are all having a good week so far! This week has been a pretty quiet one for me, considering I’ll be in a flurry of moving soon. I really need to start organizing and tossing stuff throughout the house, but I’m… well, I’m sort of a last-minute person when it comes to packing, so most likely I’ll pack everything up two days before we move it out. Haha!

Happy Wednesday!

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