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Storytelling Through Fashion: The Advantages of Wearing Limited Edition Clothes

By Attireclub @attireclub

Style is an aspect of life that is strongly correlated to individuality. Style, as opposed to fashion, is the expression of one’s inner being through his appearance. Fashion is composed by trends, by the so-called zeitgeist and by the clothes in themselves, while style is the way you make use of these elements in order to express yourself.

In the search for uniqueness, we all strive to find the right pieces for us: some prefer to buy vintage, others want to alter their clothes or mix pieces that were never intended to work together, which can result in both good and bad outcomes. But there are many other ways to achieve a unique look and to stand out of the crowd. Limited edition clothes are a great way to tell a story or to express yourself. There are several types of limited edition collections: there are those relating directly to an event, place, or time by printing logos and text on ready-made garments such as t-shirts or caps and there are those that do the same thing, but in a more artful way, by referencing ideas and concepts through original designs and colors.

Searching for unique items can be a struggle, but if you know where to look, it can all be easy and fun.


For example, .Bk (read Dot BK) is a Brooklyn-based brand that recently launched a collection of limited edition clothes that cater to men from all walks of life. One of the main pillars of their concept is to offer a very small number of each of their designs. In fact, when you buy a shirt from them, you will receive a number on the label, something like 89/100, which will let you know that there have been made only 100 shirts of the kind you bought, and that you are wearer number 89. This way, you know exactly how many pieces haven produced of that style and the experience is completely transparent: you can always know how limited the edition exactly is, unlike other brands, where you know that there’s a limited edition, but you don’t know where the limit really is (and it can turn out that there are more pieces of the limited edition than there are of the non-limited one). What’s interesting is that since they run out of stock so quickly, they need to make a new collection, so they make a brand new collection every month. For every new line, they use a different source of inspiration and a different approach which makes it exciting to see what they will be doing next.


At .Bk, one of the aspects they are trying to convey is that clothing item should work in very diverse settings.

Wearing limited edition clothes can have advantages as well. It’s a great way to communicate and to build your attitude and it makes you part of a special clique. Here are the advantages that will come with buying and of course, wearing limited edition pieces:

You’ll be part of an exclusive club

Flecked Herringbone Ivory shirt

A flecked herringbone shirt in ivory

You know how if two women wear the same thing at an event it can get ugly, but if two men find themselves wearing the same thing, they might become buddies right away. Of course, this is a joke based on a stereotype, but there is something we can learn from it: the clothes you wear can impact the way your relations with somebody else will develop. Wearing limited edition pieces gets you ready for both situations: they are most likely to set you apart in any setting, but at the same time, if you meet somebody else who wears them, you automatically have something in common and you are part of the same group. It doesn’t need to get ugly, you know.

Limited edition clothes are a reference in themselves

Generally, a limited edition collection means that the items in the collection are part of a series that has been made to reflect a certain moment and sometimes a certain place of event. For example, if you have a piece that says “World Cup 2014” on it, it directly references a certain time and place. It is pointless to make a t-shirt that says “Brazil 2014” after the World Cup has ended.

The same principle applies to more elaborate collections as well. Limited edition does not refer just to items made for a festival or a sporting event. Some brands celebrate a concept or an abstract element through their clothes. It’s really all about creating clothes that explore the way an idea can be expressed through clothes and, by extension, through personal image.

shirt contrast pocket square

One of the things .Bk used in their newest collection as a mark of individuality is the contrast pocket square

Special styles


Limited edition clothes usually have special designs. Whether it’s the cut, the color, the fabric or something else, limited edition clothes are generally different than something you will find off the rack. If you think about it, nobody is going to make a limited edition of gray t-shirts, there has to be something special about it.

It is all about offering something different, wearing something special and integrating that message within your attitude. Unique clothes are still clothes, they are not alien items, but they are full of messages which the wearer can incorporate in his attitude. We always say that your attitude is just as important as the clothes you wear. If the clothes you wear have a story to tell, then you will be part of that story as well and you will become a story teller.

Wearing unique or limited edition clothes is a great way to express yourself and to own something special and share something with a limited group of people. There are a lot of ways to express individuality and uniqueness, and wearing such clothes is one of the ways to do it. We sure think that you should try it out and see how it goes for you!

P.S. What do you think of limited edition clothes? Do you like to wear unique pieces or do you prefer to be part of the crowd? What styles are you going for when you wish to wear something special? Share your comments, questions and feedback below and don’t forget that you can subscribe to our website via e-mail or follow us on our social media!

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