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Stop Your Dog from Excessive Barking

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy

Just a few weeks ago, news about Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison arrested for barking at police dog hits the wave.

According to the Alachua county sheriff’s office, Morrison walked up to an open window on a police car and barked at a K-9 dog named Bear. The dog barked back, prompting an officer to arrest Morrison for interfering with a police canine. According to the arresting officer, Morrison’s actions diverted the canine’s “attention from my investigation and towards him”.

Officers said Morrison resisted attempts to handcuff him. Morrison told officers he made a “woof-woof” sound at Bear because the dog barked at him. -source

And while up until now debates on the merits of the arrest is still polluting the web, dog barking is once again in focus.

Dog barking is instinctive to canines. It is their way of expressing themselves. In more ways than one, barking is the dog’s language. You must understand and accept that barking is part of a dog’s life. However, this can also become a problem when exaggerated or chronic barking is done.

More often than not, dogs excessively bark when they are:

1. seeking attention

2. having separation anxiety

3. bored

So, how can you train your dog to stop excessive barking? Reader’s Digest provided these four ways to stop your dog from barking, particularly if you’re not home.

1. Do some alone training.

dog alone

-image source

Help your dog get used to you being out of his sight.

Your dog may not like you going out, but needs to get used to the idea. Leave your pet alone in another room – at first for a few minutes, building up to longer periods – at different times of day. Don’t return until your dog has been quiet for a while, then go in and offer praise and a treat as a reward.

2. Offer company.

dog with music

-image source

Music is good company for your dog, too.

If you have to leave a dog alone for a long time, arrange for a neighbor to pop in and perhaps take him for a walk. Even the sound of a human voice can be reassuring to an animal, so leave the radio on at low volume, turned into a talk channel.

3. Change rooms.

dog looking out

-image source

Make sure to put your dog in a room that will relax him or make him feel comfortable.

Some dogs bark because they can see what’s happening out in the street. Keep your pet somewhere with a garden view instead.

4. Try an anti-barking dog collar.

dog anti-barking collar

-image source

Make use of the right dog equipment.

You can now buy these ingenious collars that work by releasing a spray of citronella oil or a slight buzz when the dog barks, which surprises but causes no pain or harm.

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