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STOP THE GAME, It's Gone Too Far.

Posted on the 30 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
STOP THE GAME, it's gone too far.There are a taste of the flavours of THE GAME
THE (conspiracy) GAME we're all playing to keep the Corporate War afloat, to keep the bloodshed going. Do you know how much of your hard-earned wages goes on just fomenting wars in the name of PROFIT?
THE (paranoia) GAME we're all watching where one nation tries so hard to fuck another nation so hard it's embarrassing to the whole human legacy. These people might become members of your future families.
THE (fear) GAME where we're all complicit in each others ridiculously bigotted gookisation, the way we're all divided by race, creed and color. They way we're all such intellectual pushovers, such brain-washed jerks, such cunts.
I can't really believe that ANY OF YOU want a world that is so fucking broken, so fatalistically cynical, so heartless.
Is a RISK'D TO DEATH WORLD in the name of some abstract immoral unlogical née stupid GAME that some 'players' say we should be playing really worth it?
Can you seriously look at your kids
when you come home from your jobs in the military
from your jobs in finance
from your jobs in churches and missionaries
when you come home from ruining some foreign business or country as part of your everyday mundane desk job
when you've assassinated some assigned target you didn't really know
when you've robbed a poor man of all his earnings via taxes and rent and rates
and say, "You know, boy. You know, girl. When you grow up, you'll follow your parents into The Human Torture Industry. You know, boy. You know, girl. They call us Humans an evolved species because, when we go to Heaven, God's waiting there to forgive us our sins. We're all forgiven, gratis, from day one. We can be as fucking evil and inconsiderate as we want in our chosen RISK role."
It's just a GAME, and we're pawns on the table. Remember that, son, daughter. Learn from my legacy.

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