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Stop Spreading Measles

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

If you wan to put your kids at risk and not vaccinate them, while there might be a lot to say about you, at least keep it to your kids. You want to put your kids at risk, maybe that's your business, but don't then take them and expose other people.
Some idiot with a child with measles just took his infected child to visit his wife, the child's mother, in Maayanei Hayeshua hospital in Bnei Braq after she gave birth to a baby. This 6 year old child had been infected by someone else with measles because the child was not vaccinated.
As a result of this incident, Maayanei Hayeshua Hospital is now setting policy to not allow children in unless it is for medical care. I expect that even if medical care is necessary children will be screened for measles and if necessary sent elsewhere or put into isolation.
STOP SPREADING MEASLES!!! We don't live in the 16th century anymore!
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