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Stop Aging Signs in Men

By Menscience

Aging well is a sign of maturity, but there is nothing wrong with giving nature a little help now and then. The craggy look works well on men like Tom Selleck, but few guys can actually pull that off. Instead, many men simply end up looking old before their time.

Put in some effort toward keeping yourself healthy and youthful looking. If you stop aging signs before they dig in too deep, you can delay the worst old-age symptoms and smooth the transition toward the older gentleman look.

Stop Eating Crappy Foods

It may seem like a simple thing, but eating the right diet can greatly affect your skin tone. Not only will it help ward off the almost-inevitable weight gain that seems to come with age, it will add nutrients that keep your skin smooth and healthy. Focus your diet on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats; avoid white flour, sugars and a lot of alcohol.

Fruits are particularly important because they contain antioxidants, which are nutrients that can help repair aging signs. You can also get them from a men’s antioxidant supplement.

Scrub Your Skin

Taking care of your skin on a daily basis helps to keep it young looking, and it all begins with exfoliation. This process of removing dead skin allows the healthier skin underneath to breathe and thrive, and removes dull and flaky areas on your face. Use a gentle facial cleanser instead of your basic deodorant bar soap. Concentrate on oily areas such as your nose and forehead.

Scrub the skin for about two minutes, then rinse with warm splashes of water. Pat your face dry instead of rubbing it and finish with a men’s moisturizer to help prevent tiny lines around your eyes and mouth.

Slap on Sunscreen

Nothing ages your face more than sunlight. Develop a habit of putting on sunscreen every single day before you leave the house. Cover your face and rub it in until it disappears. Use at least SPF 30 for adequate protection. Reapply the cream during lunch as the sun protection wears off in a few hours.

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

Get a good workout at least five times a week. Not only does exercise help keep off those unwanted pounds, it increases the blood flow throughout your body. This helps keep your skin smooth and supple, plus makes your joints and muscles move more easily. Your good-looking face deserves a good-looking body to go along with it, and exercise – along with workout supplements — is the key to getting both.

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