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Stone Circles and Geomantic Traces. A Visit in Austria

By Luphil

My wife is active in a network called Spirit Release. The network group is meeting thrice a year and I join her for these encounters. Ten days ago the July meeting was at the home of friends in Feldkirch, Western Austria. The group wanted to visit the Rona Alp near Bürserberg, where about 10 years ago ancient stone circle and traces had been restored. It says that the neolithic site had been set up about 3 – 5000 years BCA. Later around 1100 BCA, the Rhaetian people came and treated the site with respect but the stone circles were destroyed in a later epoch. After researches on lines of force fields and excavations the structure of the site was reconstructed and the stones were re-erected on precisely the original locations. There are theories that the site served as part of a larger communication system. Some dowsers of our group wanted to examine the site – and we all were very interested to see it.

We first met in Feldkirch, and a friend gave some information about the site and the research done there. Then the group drove to the alp Rona at Tschengla. It was a hot summer day. We first walked through a wetland area and then came to a row of stones and the first stone circle. It as a fantastic location at the foot of a pyramidal mountain surrounded by other steep mountains. The dowsers found energetic spots, also one in a little forest at a place where animals use to meet at a brook. Other visitors also came and a girl used one of the stones for some acrobatics.

A little further ahead there was the second, larger stone circle surrounded by other stones. It was an impressive sight. I tried to feel the vibration – some of the stones with a tip-like form seemed like directing rays while the oblate stones seemed to hold the energy. On some of the stones there were natural structures in the shape of faces.

At the end of the site there was a small place where two (modern) stone plates carried inscriptions of Rhaetian wisdom, from bottom up: 1. Believe in me. I am the beginning of all. 2. All my names are holy. 3. My days are for you. 4. Your origin be your duty. 5. All life is valuable. 6. Preserve your dignity. 7. The Truth liberates you. 8. With ownership comes responsibility. 9. Do not covet. 10. Love.

At the end of the tour we had lunch at a mountain restaurant /dairy before returning to Feldkirch, where the group meeting continued. The way home was long and hot with some traffic jams. We were not the only ones who went out for an excursion.


The larger stone circle

Map of the stone site
The wetland area
Way to the stone circles
The pyramidal mountain
Dowsing at the stone rows
The first stone circle
Trying to feel the energy
The center of the second, larger stone circle
The Rhaetian wisdom

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