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Stolen Guns in Iowa

Posted on the 20 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
The Des Moines Register reports.
Thieves are grabbing guns during daytime burglaries in southern Iowa, authorities said.
Union County Sheriff Rick Piel said Monday that homes in his county had been hit. Deputies in Ringgold and Clarke counties are also looking into a string of gun thefts during the past few weeks.
Authorities said more than 50 guns have been stolen. The thieves are apparently taking only guns.
How about if we do it like this? The idea that only the thief is responsible is out. We recognize that in certain circumstances, the gun owner can be guilty of making the theft too easy. In those cases, the negligent gun owner pays a stiff fine, forfeits the rest of his guns and loses his right to own them in the future.
How's that sound.
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