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Still On The Throne

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

QueenieThe night before last on August 2, 2016 I lay awake late in bed and received a clear vision of the woods during the dark hours and the motive of my enemies desiring to take me there to kill me!

I received a message that one of the reasons that they want me dead is because I know too much about things and the things that are specifically going on with them and their actions. In further reality it is a combination of things.

Well, that is nothing new! I’ve been “knowing” all of my life and had many unsuccessful attempts made upon my life by undesirables.

When I finally went to sleep that night I dreamed that my enemies had me at a house that they tried to prevent me from leaving yet they never physically came into any contact with me while I was there.

See, they want to murder me but they don’t have the heart/nerve like I do. They want to kill me-they will get killed in the process.

They want to also get me out of the way because I continue to cause major well-deserved damage to them and it is driving them up a wall even though I could not imagine them getting anymore sick and crazier than they already are since they have reached beyond the limits of insanity constantly yet still there are many exceptions within their case.

They are severely demented as well as demonic.

Yesterday while I was in the shower preparing to get ready to go out for one of my routines I received a telephone call. The call was from a health care company that I had sought employment from but at the time when they had work for me the hours had clashed with another job that I had been working so I had declined on the offer and was told that they would look for hours that would fit into my schedule.

That was two years ago and I hadn’t heard from them since!

Whenever I’d call and ask the female who would do the scheduling for the borough that I was in she claimed that there wasn’t anything available for the days or hours that I was looking for but all of a sudden I get a call from them now asking me if I am still looking for more work?

May I repeat that this all took place an entire two years ago!

I had even forgotten all about that health care establishment as I have been busy working at quite a few assisted living and retirement residential facilities why are they contacting me now out of the blue?

That particular female I was told does not work there anymore (I asked about her and was informed that she left) but that the company still had me and my information within their system and all that I needed to bring in was my recent physical and have a required drug screening done to further update my file before I start work.

Doesn’t sound right to me smells absolutely fishy considering the recent events that had went on in regard to my enemies and their plotting with those in particular at Sunrise.

I know that my enemies are dumb, however, don’t they know what having been born with ESP means? I mean even one of the junkies from the old neighborhood I use to live in ran up to me one evening twelve years ago acknowledging to me that he knew I had Extra Sensory Perception.

So why do these assholes even continue to plot when I know what they are going to do before they themselves even know beforehand? I will always get a warning or a message.

Some of them actually believe that esp is just knowing things through dreams as they would desperately work their spells to try to block the past, present and future event of scenes that I’d experience during my sleep when clairvoyance is so much more than that.

And it is something that no one can stop or take away.

All of this nonsense because my enemies are upset because I have many talents and qualifications that they do not encompass so they never wanted me to reach my full potential let alone hold a simple everyday job.

They never counted on me having other jobs in the midst of them trying to make me lose the ones that they were aware about ( it is not every job of mine that they are able to interfere with, though) so since they are unable to beat me they want to use a company from the past to set me up for a trap now? I don’t think so and they have tried this before (https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/the-real-storythe-real-deal/).

They’ve even started tapping my phone again and interfering with it while it rings they use to do this at my old home from time to time especially when things are not working out in their favor (it doesn’t matter whether the phone is old or brand new because it is not the equipment it is them listening and interceding I’ve even heard one of them at my job at a distance when I was working at Sears reveal to the other “she knows her phone is being monitored” https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/perpetrators-plans-to-tear-down-the-wise-and-strongwhat-they-dont-want-you-to-know/).

This all began with my great grandmother Amanda Byars when I was a child she was so dumb that she literally didn’t even know what a comma was all that she and Ernestine Lawrence (Tina) knew was how to lie on me and my mother and do dirt and she has people carrying on with it even after her own demise and death.

Lies that were told on my mother and I out of much envy and jealousy years ago just to get people to mess with us and to go along with their corruption has gotten a lot of them in trouble and harshly ridiculed by those who came to see the truth and by those who had known the truth all along especially since the truth continues to come out and prevail.

These enemies of mine are not even really friends or all of that tight with each other as they get caught within their own dirt and lies then turn on one another as they have just used each other to begin with it’s one set of trash thinking that they are higher than the other playing on their disadvantages because it is the stupid ones that they go an get, boosting them up just to make a fool out of them.

My problem that I am proud of against my enemies or anyone else is that I was never one that anyone could rule someone could put a gun to my head and I still will not budge. I am nowhere near worried about anyone trying to kill me either I am not worried about anything because I am deep, and I am too spiritual.

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