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Still No Tzaharons Despite Government Decision

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
A month ago the government announced that it had reversed its decision regarding the cut to the tzaharon budget and immediately after the Sukkos holiday it would return the subsidized tzaharonim, afternoon day care system, albeit with some possible changes. They even stated the date for the reversal to be October 19, the first day of school after the end of Sukkos.
So, October 19 has come and gone and nary a word about any new arrangement for the tzaharons. I have searched far and wide for any such notice, but have yet to find one. I posted the question on Minister of Education Rav Shai Piron's Facebook page asking what the status of the tzharons is, but I have yet to receive a response.
Working parents are still required to pay out a lot of money for private day care, for many rendering the economics of holding a job while paying exorbitant day care prices problematic and not worthwhile.
If anybody has information about this, let me know
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