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Still Eating Well

By Tracyrosen @tracyrosen

last night I had a friend for dinner, a friend who loves his bread and potatoes…and cookies. I’m not eating those things right now. Not a restriction I’m fighting against, I don’t want to anymore after I learned they may be why Jack and I have been having some problems lately. But I wanted him to enjoy his meal. So I bought a mini bread – it’s nice that 1/2 baguettes are available – and roasted him some potatoes in the same oven I roasted myself some sliced zucchini.

And I didn’t buy cookies. Though I did get a bar of dark chocolate with chili peppers…which I snacked on after he left. Yum. Full of sugar but no grains. A little something something is important – I’m not a tyrant on myself!

Speaking of not being a tyrant…my focus is on being aware of what I am eating and not being completely restrictive. I eat at my parents’ house quite often and if there is yogourt in the tandoori chicken or if my mother is making a pasta dish with clam sauce I am not going to refuse to eat it. But those kinds of meals happen once or twice a week now as opposed to all of the time. I’m finding that the more aware I am of what I eat, the healthier choices I make, and the more I eat Jack and myself well.

Just 2 weeks ago it was nothing (actually it was something I did a lot) to eat large amounts of candy and cookies and other things that I had no idea how they were made. That’s the icky part for me now. I’ve shifted from eating whatever to really wanting to know how what I eat was made. It just makes so much more sense for me. When I understand the ingredient list I can imagine how something was made. When a list is filled with words I don’t know, I can’t imagine the production process. And when I make it myself with fresh ingredients I enjoy it so much I want to take pictures!

So here is a picture of the delicious meal we had last night (or at least my version) and kudos goes to Keith for bbqing out in the rain! Good thing I like my meat as rare as possible so he didn’t have to stay out there too long ;)

steak and zucchini

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