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Steve Messham - Bryn Estyn Care Home Abuse - Police Lost Paedo-polaroids

Posted on the 17 November 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Steve Messham, who was abused as a child at the Bryn Estyn care home in North Wales, alleges that he supplies "five or six dozen" that's 60-72 polaroid photographs SHOWING THE ABUSE of boys at the care home by visiting members of UK's elite and politicians. Steve handed over this damning evidence in 1979(!) and nothing much happened to many of other abusers whose faces were clearly visible in more than one shot.
Clearly visible abusing boys; no better evidence. Police say, "These photographs are now 'missing'."

The perfect solution (back in 1979) would have been to DISPLAY THESE PICTURES, OUT THESE SICK FUCKERS; all of them. This would have ended any speculation as to whether Messham was a Walter Mittey-like fantasist or not. I mean, what is going on here? Either there were polaroids or there were never any polaroids.
The (polaroid) camera never lies.
SUPPLEMENTAL READING: as we're talking 'institiutionalised exploitation of one helpless slice of society' i.e. young boys in care homes, if you hadn't already heard about it, and it's not just one-mad-woman's testimony this time, here's information about the joint USA-Canada psychological-mind-control drug-and-sexual-abuse effort known as MK ULTRA starring Bryce Taylor, Cathy O'Brien et al.

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