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Stephen Moyer Teases Epic Last True Blood Episodes

Posted on the 27 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Stephen Moyer teases epic last True Blood episodesStephen Moyer chatted with about his latest movie and The Caller and True Blood of course.

Insider: That show just keeps getting bigger and bigger — has the novelty of being on a show this massive worn off?
Stephen: You know, in my wildest dreams, I kind of thought True Blood had the possibility to be a massive hit. But living it is very different. We all take deep breaths and look to each other and say, “holy f***, this is nuts” [laughs]. We’ve all had that reaction at some point. I can’t tell you how many people I meet who don’t just watch the show with their loved ones – they have parties on Sunday nights. I’m in Puerto Rico promoting The Caller and in just one day of being here, I’ve had three separate families come up to me and say their whole block comes over to watch the show together. Those are the moments that constantly amaze me. We keep wondering if we’ve jumped the shark and the fans keep telling us, no we haven’t.


Insider: What have you particularly enjoyed this season?
Stephen: I had a great time working with Fiona Shaw (who plays witch Marni). I feel lucky to work with some of the amazing actors I have — Fiona is incredible and Denis O’Hare was brilliant last season as well. Coming from England, I’ve known her work for ages, but it never fails to amaze me what brilliant writing we’re given – and at times, some wonderfully silly stuff. There will be scenes that make the actors look around after a take and go, “what did I just say?” [laughs]

Insider: There are only three episodes left this season, what excites you about them?
Stephen: Sunday’s episode is nuts. I don’t know why, but so much happens in the cold open [scenes before the opening credits] – we shot that for 4 days. It’s like a minute and a half long. It’s f***ing nuts. It’s a very good beginning to what ramps up into full True Blood crazy by the end of the season.

Insider: True Blood is known for its epic season enders — how does this year’s finale stack up?
Stephen: I haven’t seen the finished episode, but when I read it, it felt like the most satisfying and satisfactory finale we’ve ever had. There’s some awesome, epic stuff in the last few episodes.

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