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Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin Are ‘Recycling Obsessive’

Posted on the 03 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are ‘Recycling Obsessive’We pretty much already know that Stephen Moyer is “recycling obsessive.” Even his character of Bill Compton recycles and recently, Kristin Bauer proclaimed how she and Stephen are all for recycling on the True Blood set.

In an interview with Mature Mother Network, Stephen says, ”I’d say that the recycling trash can probably gets emptied 15 times more than the normal trash.” Anna Paquin, is equally eco-committed. “I grew up like that. New Zealand is a very green place. My brother-in-law is the co-leader of the Green Party. So we’re pretty much on the same page.”

This season has seen its True Blood’s main characters evolve — Paquin’s Sookie is stronger and more independent, no longer involved with Moyer’s Bill, now vampire king of Louisiana. “Our love in real life is fine, so I’m totally happy for our characters to be as sad and distraught and messed up and hating each other as they like,” says Paquin. “Let’s face it. It’s not interesting television if everything works out for Bill and Sookie and then they adopt five babies and live happily ever after.” At present, Sookie “has made the decision to be on her own, and in a way that makes her more open to interesting things happening because she’s operating from the position of not being as needy. She’s definitely grown. She’s undergone a pretty radical change from the first time we met her to who she is now.”

“She’s starting to choose what she wants instead of being preyed upon by these vampires,” adds Moyer, who says that  Bill “is having to make very powerful choices whilst letting go of the thing that he loves. It’s been a really interesting dynamic for me to play. Bill gets to perhaps become somebody that she can respect again. I think it’s really important for the story that she and all the characters move through these arcs, maybe find their way back to each other — or maybe not.


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