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Stem Cells for Adults Created. What is Next?

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Ningauble @AliAksoz

Stem Cell 2

Time is ticking away for scientists as they have moved one more step closer to the aim of creating the patient-specific stem cell perfectly matching to one’s DNA in order to treat diseases. Scientists have created a cell line out of the skin cells of two adult men.

“Therapeutic Cloning” of adults that’s how they call it, was achieved for the very first time by researchers and technically speaking, it’s a different name, “somatic-cell nuclear transfer.”


What do they mean by “Therapautic Cloning”?

It means producing embryonic cells genetically identical to a donor, usually for the purpose of using those cells to treat disease. On the other hand, nuclear transfer is also considered as an important step in reproductive cloning or producing a genetic duplicate of someone.

We are talking about a technique which has ignited one of the greatest controversies since its announcement in 1997. The Creation of Dolly, the clone of a ewe, would be the best example to remind you all about this scientific finding.


Another thread, intergovernmental organization UN also called on world nations to ban this technique and US have long prohibited the use of federal funds for either reproductive or therapeutic cloning.

Well, if this technique is allowed, let’s all hope that it’s only used for the good of mankind.




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