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Steffaloo Interview

Posted on the 23 March 2012 by The Otter Beats @theotterbeats
Alright, alright, we have had some very amazing interviews on The Otter Beats but it is time to take it to a whole other realm. Now introducing the very talented, free spirited, artist from LA, Steffaloo (This is where I imagine applause)!! She has done various collaborations and her name can be seen on features all around the blog world. From collaborations with Blackbird Blackbird, Chrome Sparks, Teen Daze and more recently on Germany Germany's new Departure/Disconnect release it is hard to escape her name on your daily blog hop. “It kind of all began with Mickey (Blackbird Blackbird) and since then has gotten kind of out of control... In the best way possible! Most of the collaborations I've managed to do have come about from the tight knit community I've managed to become a part of, online bloggers and musicians alike. I've become pretty close friends with Mickey (Blackbird Blackbird), Jamison (Teen Daze), Jeremy (Chrome Sparks), Dylan (Persona La Ave), Victor (Sun Glitters) and even people I haven't met in real life, like Drew (Germany Germany).” With music moving to friendship the bonds between sounds grows stronger. It is very nice to see products that are based on such close knit ties and you can definitely tell with the final production. “It's a pretty amazing thing to me, the willingness and desire of all these artists to want to work together and share together. I've learned a lot from each one of them.” Amazing stuff as Steffaloo grows into her own brand of music. Learning from other artists is an valuable tool. Being able to share so freely will surely polish her music as she continues to release new music!

Steffaloo Interview

{From Friends with Both Arms}

Music has always been a part of her life. “I grew up in a very musical home, but music really started becoming a substantial part of my life a couple years into being here in LA. My brother Tim (Smoke Don't Smoke) and I started going over to our friends house a few times a week and just having these never ending music nights. We'd play until we couldn't feel out fingers and before I knew it I found myself playing just about every single day. It became a way for me to just get my thoughts and feelings about life out.” Very strong roots, a large network of support and a blank canvas is all you need in this lifetime. “My family is a huge inspiration for me. I am lucky enough to not only have insanely talented siblings but ones that I genuinely love and are best friends with. It's such an amazing thing to be able to combine all of our different strengths into common creative projects.” Indeed as they just finished shooting a video for the band Snowmines, which you can check out here on vimeo.
2012 is already proving to be such an exciting year and Steffaloo has some goodies of her own. “This year is proving to be crazy and I may need to learn to say 'no' a little better! Right now the plan is to release a remix EP in the coming months and an album in the fall. I am working on a couple of projects that I am really hoping people will be as excited about as I am.” We indeed are very excited about what is to come, more music less problems. “This year has been about really trying to expand my own sound and start to create something a little more dynamic and full.” I am very excited as I am sure we all are to see her music mature, this is a wondrous thing. With influences like Feist, Imogen Heap and Adele it is going to be such a great year! I have attached her latest single, If You Were My Baby below. Don't forget to like and Happy Listening!
It came about when i moved here and some coworkers of mine starting calling me Steffaluffagus (The big wooly mammoth guy on seasame st) and it slowly just morphed into 'Steffaloo'. Before i knew it everyone was calling me that. - Steffaloo on her name origin.
I don't know why, and this is not a typical goal of any aspiring musicians i feel, but recently i've really just wanted to play on the 'Ellen Degeneres' show haha! - On where she would like to play

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