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Staying Stylist While Sweating in Yoga Class

By Montec @fashionstar

a friend of mine introduced me to yoga a few months ago and ever since i have come to see the beauty of the practice. it truly has a profound effect in its ability to calm, nourish, and restore while providing you with balance, flexibility and poise. its benefits extend beyond just the physical and tap into the inner emotional elements as well. if you have yet to experience it, or a continuing yogi. My favorite are

Bikram Yoga can prompt weight loss, improve focus and balance, and alleviate chronic conditions such as back pain and to rehabilitate sports and bear-wrestling injuries

lulu lemon offers complimentary yoga classes every sunday at 9:30 at most of their retail locations. they select the top local yoga studios and rotate monthly. after class enjoy the juice and wholesome muffins. it is certainly a refreshing way to start off your sundays… so guys roll out your mats and catch up on your zzzz some other time! Get your in style I picked  some cute yoga gear for my class check them out



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