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Staying Safe In The Gym In A Post-Vaccinated World

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

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It’s important to note that while society is coming back to normal, precautions are still necessary to keep us safe when in public. This will still apply when we begin to resume some of the normal life activities that we may have taken for granted beforehand.

This involves learning how to stay safe in the gym, even when many people have been vaccinated (sometimes, as a condition for entry into the establishment itself). That’s why, in this post, we hope to write a guide that can help you take thorough care of yourself while exercising in the public environment, as well as some pointers that we could offer to gyms hoping to increase their numbers of goers.

The more we can talk about the standards we’d like to see implemented, the more we can understand which establishments are worthy of our continual support. Now is a good time to spring clean in that regard, seeing which services you may wish to utilize or change after the world slowly and ploddingly returns to normal.

Alright, let’s get started:

Clean Up Before & After Equipment Use

Staying safe is, of course, the name of the game. This means that simple hygiene practices are still the most effective habits you can work with. Coming to the gym with a pack of antibacterial wipes can help you wipe down equipment before and after use. This can help you simply make sure that the tools you’re using to workout are well kept.

This also includes chalk that you may leave on a barbell, or sweat you may leave on a bench. You may also give the locker you use a once over before you place your equipment in it. Gyms are becoming more interested in providing these small cleaning tools (including the use of antibacterial hand gel), but it’s best to bring your own just in case.

Consider The Gym Rules

Of course, it’s a good idea to follow to the letter the rules put in place by your local gym. This might involve a limit on foot traffic, or limiting the amount of time you can take on a piece of machinery, or perhaps wiping down the well-fitted gym flooring after doing your yoga poses.

It’s best to enquire with the gym beforehand, and of course, we would recommend those who work in gyms to make sure these rules are pronounced and totally understandable beforehand, just so most people can do their best to adhere to these necessary rules. In that respect, you can ensure that most people will clearly understand their responsibilities.

Minimize Time In The Changing Room

If you can help it, it’s generally a good idea to minimize how much time you spend in the gym changing room and locker area right now. This might mean forgoing your shower and coming back home to have one instead, or simply leaving the gym without spending all your time refreshing and getting changed again. 

This means that you can be in and out in the shortest amount of time necessary for a good and healthy workout, without necessarily remaining in an enclosed space with other people. Using the facilities is of course fine, but little tidbits of wisdom, such as bringing your own full flask instead of filling it at the water station can really help. This way, even if vaccinated, you can lessen the chances of putting yourself at undue risk.

Go At Less Frequented Times

Of course, another way to better protect yourself and other gym-goers is to frequent the gym at less-visited times. Now, it’s true to say that this can differ based on exactly what the rules are in your area and country, and if remote work is still something that many people are having to adhere to. In general, however, around 9-12 gyms are at their quietest, as well as certain allowances being made for the very early morning and late evening.

If you have a schedule that permits this, then it’s not hard to see how scheduling your workouts in this way can be helpful. It might even be, if you plan to, that building your own home gym piece by piece can help subvert and renew this necessity for good. In that respect, you’re sure to decrease the amount of time you need to spend in your local gym, at least for a time.

With this advice, we hope you can remain safe in the gym, even in a post-vaccinated world.

Thank you for reading!

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