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Staying Loose in New Abstract Painting

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

I continued to work on this new abstract painting in a very loose, spontaneous manner. And I have to confess, I've been choosing colors based on using up tubes of paint.  After working on a number of projects that required specific colors, I ended up with a lot of tubes that were almost empty.  This drives me crazy because it clutters my work area. 

Of course, I would never decide to use a particular color for these reasons when I'm at the end of the painting process, but at the beginning, does it really matter?  It does in the sense that these colors will influence the outcome, but it doesn't in the sense that no particular color is required to complete the painting.

Thus I used up some reds, blues, turquoise, etc. in this step of the process.  I added parchment to my brush in order to blend them better.  And I finished up with some mars black.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.


  Canvas #131, 44" x 44" acrylic on canvas.

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