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Staying in Touch from Far Away

By Lisa @Lisapatb
My eldest son will be moving far away across the country tomorrow. He just turned 22 and is moving for a better job opportunity and a better standard of living. Thank God for the technology now available so we can keep in touch quickly and easily. I'm proud and happy for him but with a little sadness that he's not just a few minutes drive away.
Staying in Touch from Far Away Years ago you only had about 4 choices to stay in touch with those far away:
  • Telephone - Long distance was costly
  • Writing letters - Sending through the mail
  • Airplane - Very expensive
  • Long car, bus or train ride
  • Staying in Touch from Far Away Today's choices are bit more cheaper, quicker and almost endless:
  • Skype - Talking over the computer via webcam, almost like being there and FREE
  • Email - Keeping up daily quickly
  • Texting - His favorite method
  • Airplane - Not so expensive as it once was
  • Social Networks - Great for sharing photos
  • Staying in Touch from Far Away
    Can you think of more ways for us to stay in touch?

    I once saw Harry Chapin in concert and this song sticks in my mind since I knew he was moving (as it makes me cry) and hope it doesn't turn that way though I suppose it could even if he lived close by.

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